Makmur is a forward-thinking, OJK-regulated investment firm providing intuitive mutual fund investments and robo-advisory services via a user-friendly app. Harnessing advanced technologies like Hidden Markov Models and Large Language Models, we are committed to...


Sribuu is an AI powered personalized banking solution. Leveraging data science, Sribuu cleans, categorizes and visualizes messy transaction data to give actionable financial insights to the customers and empower their business at scale.


Savart is a wealth tech company using proprietary research technology to create long term wealth by helping individuals make better investments in stock, mutual funds, bonds & gold.

IndiaFilings is an online platform that helps Entrepreneurs with incorporation, tax filing, payroll process and statutory compliances. The company operates a proprietary, full-stack platform, including online accounting software LEDGERS.


Converj is building a global network that redefines B2B payments. Converj’s unique and proprietary platform works with Banks and Networks like Visa and Mastercard to extend use cases of cards into all B2B payments including early vendor payments, bill...